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Original OEM parts.

Jastram offers a full line of parts related to steering to suit any budget. We have a dedicated parts department that handles every inquiry from seal kits to electronic controls. The knowledgeable staff offers solutions for parts being replaced with parts that have become obsolete. Jastram also offers replacement parts for Wagner Equipment. Our dedicated professionals strive to ensure the products you buy from us meet or exceed your requirements.

We operate a fully equipped machine and fabricating plant, which means we are able to repair your equipment quickly should the need arise. Our field service personnel are available to assist you every step of the way

Where substituted parts are quoted in lieu of obsolete parts*, Jastram warrants compatibility and interchangeability.

* Obsolete items are parts, which:

  1. Are no longer available from sub-suppliers.
    (Example: original Vickers hydraulic solenoid valves are not manufactured anymore and are superseded by an updated version)
  2. Changed due to technical improvements.
    (Example: original Wagner lock-valve body was made of aluminum, now it is made of cast iron)
Parts & Sales

Frequently Asked Questions

Everything you need to know about Jastram’s services.

Q. Where can I order replacement parts and equipment?

A. Jastram parts and equipment is available through our worldwide dealer network. Please contact your local Jastram dealer or e-mail Jastram at parts@jastram.com

Q. Where can I have my Jastram equipment serviced?

A. Jastram equipment can be serviced through our trained dealer network. Please contact your local Jastram dealer or e-mail Jastram at parts@jastram.com.

Q. How can I obtain technical support for my Jastram steering system?

A. Jastram has a team of trained staff standing by to offer support. Please contact Jastram service at parts@jastram.com.

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