All steering systems are viewed on a project by project basis, and designed for the unique characteristics of the vessel. Our engineers are available for commissioning and sea trials should either owners or shipyards require factory representation. Due to the extensive training of our staff, they are able to design your steering system to meet all the world’s major classification societies’ requirements. This value added service puts the responsibility of obtaining steering gear classification to us.


The Jastram Factory contains a 1,400 m² machine shop and 600 m² electronics shop. These facilities, along with our skilled machinists and technicians, allow us to produce and maintain a high level of quality control. Raw and finished goods are stored in two different on-site warehouses occupying 1,675 m². Using our own machine and electronics shops allows us to maintain strict control over the quality of the workmanship that goes into our products. When outsourcing, Jastram maintains control of the final assembly and extensively tests the products in-house. This process allows us to maintain our high level of quality assurance and workmanship.


To ensure long life and exceptional performance in all operating conditions, Jastram’s products are designed and built with precision machined components. A modular system design concept provides flexibility when applications require unique features. Decades of experience in marine steering have been acquired by our engineers and production staff. This expertise translates into the development of robust, durable and low maintenance line of steering products. Our Hydraulic products are machined and assembled by highly skilled machine shop staff. Castings, tube stock, and other raw materials are obtained from some of the best foundries in the world and maintain full traceability as required by all major classification societies. Jastram’s Electronic Controls are a combination of proven products and state-of-the-art developments. Time tested products, such as input devices, have withstood years of continuous use on every major type of working vessel. These products combined with our modern Digital Control system create a dynamic steering system which remains at the forefront of the Marine Steering industry.