Engineering for Life At Sea

Jastram Engineering is built on the understanding of how critical steering is to the operation of any vessel. The comfort and safety of the vessel and crew is in part dependent on how well the steering system functions. We believe that steering is one of the most important elements of any vessel. This motivating force is why Jastram is compelled to design and manufacture to the highest quality. We provide dependable engineered marine steering solutions worldwide.

Exceptional Performance

We design and manufacture marine steering systems to the highest quality standards. Our line of products ranges from simple manual steering for small vessels, to digitally-controlled and integrated systems for large ships. We design and built according to all major marine classification rules and requirements.

Commitment to Quality

Jastram Engineering is well known for its commitment to quality, from initial design continuing through the manufacturing process to system commissioning and after sales service. With worldwide representation and an in house ability to communicate in twenty-one languages, customers can be assured that any question will be answered quickly. This makes Jastram the perfect choice for new installations, retrofit of existing systems or for replacement of worn out parts. Our commitment to quality is based on RESPECT — by meeting customer needs and requirements, RESPONSIBILITY — by minimizing waste on the environment, and resources, and finally INNOVATION — by constantly searching for better design, products, methods and processes.

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