Welcome to Driver's Ed … For Supertankers

Supertankers and cruise ships have maritime pilots who act as valets for the giant vessels in ports. Maritime pilots are the most elite ship handlers in the world. This video shows where these pilots learn how to park large vessels. Maritime Pilots Institude in Covington, LA uses miniture versions of these boats to teach the basics.

Complete Jastram twin independent steering system with DCA Synchronized and Independent controls.

Project New York Ferry

Jastram Engineering and Gulf Coast Air and Hydraulics are proud to be the steering system designer/manufacturer and supplier for the new New York City Ferry Project. Jastram Engineering and Gulf Coast Air and Hydraulics worked closely to meet the technical requirements and tight schedule challenges to deliver steering systems for 19 ferries. We are happy to be part of a project that is having such a beneficial impact on community transportation.

Elizabeth Anne-Class Tugboat

Conforming informed on The Vane Brothers website the Elizabeth Anne is the 27th vessel completed under the supervision of Senior Port Captain Jim Demske, whose reputation for delivering superior tugboats that emphasize functionality, crew comfort and safety is widely recognized in the maritime industry. (www.vanebrothers.com/ElizabethAnney)

Jastram participated of this project supplying the steering gears (actuators), emergency steering station (ESJB), digital steering controllers (DSC),rudder feedback unit (RFU), rudder angles indicators (RAI), Jog levers, Lever controllers and related items.

Built in 2015, this is the second Vane brothers vessel to be named as Elizabeth Anne; the other, recognized as Vane’s first tugboat when acquired in 1990, was removed from service in 2014 and donated to the U.S. Merchant Marine Academy in Kings Point, New York, for use as a training platform. (www.workboat.com)

This vessel is also similar to Vane’s Basile-designed Patapsco-class tugboats which were produced between 2004 and 2009. (www.tugboatinformation.com)
Length: 30.5 metres (100 ft)
Width: 10.4 metres (34 ft)

Chandra B Ship Overhead

Photos courtesy of Blount Boats shipyard.
Blount Boats shipyard

Chandra B - 79 foot Tanker Vessel

This “mini tanker”, was built at Blount Boats shipyard, in Warren, Rhode Island and designed by Farrell & Norton Naval Architects. Chandra B was delivered on September 6, 2015 to American Petroleum and Transport, Inc. It replaced the Captain Log a 20,000 Gallons capacity tanker, one of the last single-hull harbor tankers in New York which was built in 1979 and was known as a tanker that never misses a fuel delivery. The Chandra B is a 56,000 gallons fuel bunkering tanker and was designated to operate in New York and New Jersey harbor.
Width: 24.1 metres (79 ft)
Breadth: 7.0 metres (23 ft) (79 ft)
Speed: 7.0 knots Cruising ( 8.5 knots max.)
Certificate of Inspection Subchapter “D”

DCNS Corvette Ship

Photos courtesy of DCNS.

DCNS starts the construction of the first GOWIND® 2500 CORVETTE!

Jastram is proud to be suppling the steering gear with custom-made platform, hydraulic power units (HPU), steering system control and related devices for the GOWIND® 2500.

"The GOWIND® 2500 is a reference product on the worldwide corvette market. This vessel responds to the needs of navies to have access to a complete and multi-mission combat vessel for sovereignty and maritime protection operations and the fight against illicit trafficking."
Total length: 102 metres
Width: 16 metres
Displacement: 2,600 tonnes
Max Speed: 25 Knots
Crew: 65 persons (helicopter detachment included)
Range: 3,700 nautical miles at 15 knots

Digital Control Amplifier (DCA 100)

< DCA 100 shown

New Product Jastram Digital Control Amplifier (DCA 100)

The new Jastram Digital Control Amplifier (DCA) is specifically designed for small to mid-size commercial vessels and pleasure craft. As its larger cousin the DSC, it relies on state-of-the-art digital technology for fast and accurate steering controls, in a small and simple design. Up to eight input devices can be connected to each DCA. These input devices can be Non-Follow-Up (jog switch), Full-Follow-Up (lever controller or electric wheel), and Digital (Jastram digital helm pump). An additional interface to autopilot is provided in the base unit. The DCA is the controller between the rudder command and the steering hydraulics. It will convert the command from any Jastram input device to a smooth and accurate rudder motion. Contact Jastram for more information.

80m Purse Seiner Vessel

Recently Commissioned

Jastram Engineering delivered two shipsets of steering gear system to Korean Shipyard. The scope of supply includes the entire mechanical and hydraulic power units, built to the requirements of and approved by KR Class Society. The steering system is designed to integrate with a gyrocompass/Autopilot system.
80m Purse Seiner Vessel
1900 tonnes
Steering Model: S2-200-1-35
Steering Controls: NFU/FFU
Steering Commissioned: August, 2013

153ft Sailing Yacht

Recently Commissioned

This 153 ft Tall Ship Sailing Yacht based out of U.K. is one of the largest remaining wooden ships in commission. Recently this Vessel was re-fit with a complete Jastram Steering system. Installed with our patented Digital Helm control system, which gives electrical control and hydraulic control to the steering gear all from the wheelhouse.
153 ft Sailing Yacht
Steering Model:S2-17-1-35
Steering Controls:Power Electric, FFU
Steering Commissioned:September, 2013

140ft Icebreaker Cutter

Recently Commissioned

This 140 ft Cutter are state of the art icebreakers, and mainly used in Northeast U.S. and Great Lakes.  The vessels are installed with Jastram NFU/FFU system and Dual 30hp Power Units for the steering gear. Apart from Icebreaking, they are used for search and rescue operations and other critical duties
140 ft Icebreaker Cutter
Steering Model:S2-237-1-35
Steering Controls:Power Electric, FFU/NFU
Steering Commissioned:February, 2014